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Kaiju Girl Caramelise

Kaiju Girl Caramelise

Volume 7

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Series Description

Suffering from a rare, incurable illness that causes frightening changes to her body, loner Kuroe Akaishi spends her high school days avoiding all her classmates—especially class idol Arata Minami and his groupies. But when Arata starts making her heart skip a beat with irritating regularity, Kuroe discovers that her illness actually has a big—make that MONSTER—secret: Romance turns her into Love-zilla…literally!

Series Details

Creator: Spica Aoki
Publisher: Yen Press
Themes: Romance School Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen
Serialization: Comic Alive
Volumes in Original Language: 7 • ongoing
Volumes in English: 6
Age Rating: Teen
Trim Size: 5" x 7.5"
Format: Paperback
Product Type: Manga

Volume Description

Volume 7

He knows. After that whole crazy battle over Tokyo with the other kaiju, Minami-kun knows that Kuroe is actually also Harugon-and she’s terrified to find out how he really feels. Fleeing instead of facing him head-on, she ends up back on the island of her birth. But there’s some strange people with masks over there, and it’s kinda hard to tell whether they’re friend or foe...

Volume Details

Release Date: February 20, 2024
Pages: 180
ISBN: 9781975380373