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The Deer King (manga)

The Deer King (manga)

Volume 2

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Series Description

Van resolves to fight the Zol Empire and save his homeland, only to be captured and sent to the salt mines. Then one night, a pack of wild dogs attacks the mine, trailing a mysterious and deadly disease in their wake. Van and a young girl named Yuna are the sole survivors of the disaster. But why? And where do they go from here?

Series Details

Creator: The Deer King Production Committee • Nahoko Uehashi • Taro Sekiguchi
Publisher: Yen Press
Themes: Action Adventure Fantasy
Demographic: Seinen
Serialization: Young Ace UP
Volumes in Original Language: 2 • completed
Volumes in English: 1
Age Rating: Teen
Trim Size: 5" x 7.5"
Format: Paperback
Product Type: Manga

Volume Description

Volume 2

While Hohsalle chases after the secrets of the disease that struck the salt mine, Van races to take back the kidnapped Yuna, and he himself is pursued by a woman named Sae. As their paths converge, a revolt is brewing that will shake the Zolian Empire to its core.

Volume Details

Release Date: January 23, 2024
Pages: 162
ISBN: 9781975362997

Also Available as a Light Novel