About Us

Reincarnated as a Chronically-Ill Shoujo Fan

... not really, but I am chronically-ill, and I am a huge fan of shoujo and josei manga.

My name's Sarah, the person behind Kokoro Shoujo Shop!


My goal was to create a website where you can find loads of (mostly) shoujo and josei series in one place, and to easily find some new favorites.


Filter products by age rating, publisher, theme, creator, demographic, and serialization! 

Afraid of committing to a series without knowing how many volumes long it will be? Filter for whether or not a series had been completed in its original language.

And all those fun things you can filter for? Each series has their details listed out, and they can be clicked on to show other products with that same attribute.


I have also created a release date calendar, as I know how overwhelming it can be to keep track of when new volumes are coming out.


I really hope that this shop and website can become a helpful resource for other shoujosei fans!




See a mistake somewhere on this website? Let me know! I'll do my best to fix it!

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