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If the Villainess and Villain Met and Fell in Love (light novel)

If the Villainess and Villain Met and Fell in Love (light novel)

Volume 2

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Series Description

Despite her noble status, Brigitte contracts with the weakest type of spirit--and on that very same day, the prince publicly breaks off their engagement. No one shows much sympathy towards the once haughty young lady--except for the duke's son, Yuri, who attends the same magic academy. Yuri is feared for his incredible abilities and icy personality, but with him on her side, her fortunes might have changed...

Series Details

Creator: Harunadon • Yomi Sarachi
Publisher: Yen On Yen Press
Themes: Fantasy Romance School Villainess
Volumes in Original Language: 2 • ongoing
Volumes in English: 1
Age Rating: Teen
Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.25"
Format: Paperback
Product Type: Light Novel

Volume Description

Volume 2

Brigitte’s life was finally turning around as she started getting closer to Yuri, but that all changes when Joseph offers to reinstate their engagement. Brigitte isn’t eager to go back to him, but her relationship with Yuri is getting complicated. Not only that, but it seems her no-name spirit might be something else entirely…!

Volume Details

Release Date: February 20, 2024
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9781975379070