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Revolutionary Girl Utena Complete Deluxe Box Set

Revolutionary Girl Utena Complete Deluxe Box Set

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Box Set Description

The classic shojo manga that redefined the genre.

Utena strives to be strong and noble like the childhood prince she yearns to meet again. But when she finds herself seduced into the twisted duels of Ohtori Academy, can she become the prince she’s been waiting for?

Once upon a time, a little girl was rescued by a prince.

That girl then grows up to be strong and courageous as she awaits his return.

To defend a friend’s honor, she challenges a brute to a duel and wins.

She is entrusted with the SWORD OF DIOS and the Rose Bride, who is the key to finding her elusive prince.

But this won’t end like a fairy tale. 

Because Utena has the power to REVOLUTIONIZE the world.

The classic manga returns in a deluxe box set! Hardcover editions of Revolutionary Girl Utena and The Adolescence of Utena are included in this two-volume collectors’ set with exclusive color pages and poster.

Series Description

Lured into the twisted duels of Ohtori Academy, can Utena become the prince she’s been waiting to meet?

When mangaka Chiho Saito teamed up with anime director Kunihiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon) and a group of talented creators to form Be-Papas, it ignited a firestorm of creative and imaginative storytelling that resulted in Revolutionary Girl Utena, a modern classic.

Series Details

Creator: Chiho Saito • Be-Papas
Publisher: Shojo Beat VIZ
Themes: Drama Fantasy Magical Girl Romance School
Demographic: Shoujo
Serialization: Ciao • Betsucomi
Volumes in Original Language: 6 • completed
Volumes in English: 2 (omnibus) • completed
Age Rating: Older Teen
Trim Size: 8" x 12"
Format: Hardcover
Product Type: Box Set

Box Set Details

Release Date: April 11, 2017
Pages: 1131
ISBN: 9781421585871

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