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Shut-In Shoutarou Kominami Takes On the World

Shut-In Shoutarou Kominami Takes On the World

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Series Description

"Shy" + "Lonely" + "Chicken" = Shlocken?!

After not leaving his house for several months, Shoutarou Kominami by chance lands a part-time job in an attempt to break free of his less than human existence and "shlocken" personality. But unbeknownst to the former shut-in, his new boss is a manga artist, and Shoutarou is about to become his muse?!

In his journey to shed his shlocken nature, Shoutarou squares off against a shlocken manga-ka, a violent pre-schooler, and a mysterious, fierce-faced editor-in-chief?! Taking one step back for every two steps forward, Kominami somehow manages to grow eeeeeeeeever so slightly... What new hurdles await him tomorrow???

On his path to the shlocken-free life, Shoutarou Kominami fumbles through Kitazono-sensei's orders which this time cover "love advice," "homecoming," and "investigating everything about Sensei"... Almost before Kominami knows it, the last order is given! But does Shoutarou have it in him to truly turn over a new leaf...?

Series Details

Creator: Dan Ichikawa
Publisher: Yen Press
Themes: Comedy Slice of Life
Demographic: Seinen
Serialization: Big Gangan
Volumes in Original Language: 3 • completed
Volumes in English: 1 (omnibus) • completed
Age Rating: Older Teen
Trim Size: 5.75" x 8.25"
Format: Paperback
Product Type: Manga

Volume Details

Release Date: February 26, 2019
Pages: 576
ISBN: 9781975383671